About Us

Jay’s Auto Company Pledge

The vision of Jay’s Auto is centred on providing customers high quality, reliable and best priced auto spares and accessories.

Jay’s Auto was established in 2016 as a business with its values rooted in serving vehicle users and customers genuine auto parts and accessories. The company has access to a large stock of high quality auto spares from some of the world’s trusted brands which give our customers a peace of mind and most importantly assurance of product durability. Jay’ Auto stocks both fast and steady moving items thereby allowing customers access to the depth of our stock which is delivered with great consistency. Most of the spares are readily available for most of the vehicles on our roads – coupled with excellent quality and meant for superb performance.

All our products meet the quality standards and technical specifications for our range of vehicles as designed and manufactured. We therefore stand by our products and provide technical assistance and support any applicable guarantees.

Our Brands

Jay’s Auto guarantees customer satisfaction by stocking only known genuine, best quality and trusted brands. The product range consists of imported as well as South African manufactured parts many of which are OEM standard. Our brands include DOE, BETA, X-APPEAL and ARGUS. Jay’s Auto is affiliated with reputable suppliers and manufacturers for most of our brands which provides a peace of mind to our customers.

Most customers in some countries in the Southern African region are price-sensitive– as they look for low priced auto spares with little or no concern of the quality aspect. With quality taking the upper hand over quality for many customers, the market attracts substandard auto spare parts. Jay’s Auto believes that for cars to be running trouble-free and not be too costly to repair or service requires using genuine and good quality auto spare parts to safeguard the value of cars as well as maintain their longevity. Our aftersales support service assures customers that our products are free of defects even in cases where technical problems may occur– after the parts have been fitted by a qualified auto repairer or technician.

“Dealing with Jay’s Auto assures total customer satisfaction and service. We pride ourselves in marketing genuine, high quality, reliable and best priced brands. Our business ethos is rooted in valuing our customers as the most important by serving them with superior service and a high level of ethical conduct. ”


The economic development of the Southern Africa region is projected to continue growing above the global average. The middle class is already estimated to have expanded by 30% which indicates a growing consumer market and therefore an increase in consumption expenditure. Vehicle production has increased in recent times with South Africa accounting for almost 68% of Africa’s total vehicle production in 2014. A diverse range of automotive components is exported by South Africa to the majority of countries in Africa of which the bulk of exports consist of aftermarket replacement parts. The top seven export destinations in the Southern Africa region for vehicles and automotive components are– Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Vehicle and automotive component exports to the region will continue to improve as intra-trade in the region becomes more harmonised and market liberalisation increases.

Jay’s Auto is in the business to retail a wide range of auto parts and accessories to the following but not limited groups of people and corporate organizations:–

  • Car owners
  • Auto repair, maintenance and servicing garages
  • Transport companies
  • Haulage companies

Product Range

Jay’s Auto recognises the massive potential of replacement parts in the automotive industry across the region. The company has duly entered into agreements with leading ISO accredited auto parts suppliers and manufacturers thereby taking a giant leap into the highly competitive business of supplying aftermarket parts to vehicle users and customers. Jay’s Auto offers a wide product range of genuine and aftermarket auto parts of leading brands such as DOE, BETA, X-APPEAL and ARGUS which are registered and recognised in the market place today. Jay’s Auto assures high quality of all auto spares and accessories.

Customer Service

Our customer value proposition offers:

  • Wide range of genuine aftermarket auto spares for popular vehicle brands in the region
  • Attractive prices and discount promotions to loyal customers
  • A strongly supported logistics system and delivery service across select countries in the region
  • Customer aftersales service and technical support
  • User-friendly facilities as well as online enquiries backed by a web-based catalogue

Value Proposition

The focus of Jay’s Auto is to supply quality replacement parts and vehicle accessories to car owners and organisations who desire to keep their vehicles in excellent condition, and equally wish to enjoy the “value” and long-term benefits of their brand vehicle. Our aftersales support and exceptional backup service gives customers the assurance and peace of mind of their vehicle’s good condition. Being a newly established company Jay’s Auto seeks to maintain relationships with reputable suppliers and manufactures of genuine replacement parts.

Jay’s Auto will continue to increase the floor space for its marketing operations as the business expands thereby allowing access to a broader range of quality vehicle products. This will be achieved by harnessing information technology and investing in Web Infrastructure to develop a more informative and multi-functional e-Customer platform as well as establishing well-organised modern facilities in order to satisfy customer demands and ensure efficient stock.

“When customers come to deal with Jay’s Auto it will offer them a one-stop outlet for all their vehicle needs”

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